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Love is in the air! Special gifts, flowers and candlelit dinners are the hallmarks of romance. Before you’re struck with Cupid’s arrow, get prepared by taking advantage of the specials we’re offering this month! 

This is the perfect time for you to fall in love – with your skin and your body! Spa Remedease has treatments that will make you look younger and reshape your body. 

In the first week of February, we observe Groundhog Day and gather around the flat screen to watch Super Bowl LII. Of course, lovers and couples celebrate the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day! 

We acknowledge President’s Day on the 19th as well as recognizing that February is American Heart Month, Black History Month and National Wedding Month.

You’re going to love the awesome promotions we have for you in this

month’s e-zine! 

Happy February from Spa Remedease!


Spend some time together reconnecting!

Purchase a Side-by-Side 90 Minute Massage and receive complimentary Spa Remedease Truffles!

What better way to start off the perfect date and perhaps a new tradition?!



Mention this February special in your

reservation note!


Enjoy well-deserved YOU time!

Select your choice of a Facial, a Massage or a Body Treatment and receive a complimentary Wellness Consultation! 


Space is limited! Reserve now!


Mention this February special in your

reservation note!


Fall in love … with your nails!

Nails are the easiest way to spice up your look for Valentine’s Day. Nail art is a not-so-complicated way to show that you’ve been struck by Cupid’s arrow.

While red nails emphasize light skin tone, look very nice, and are colorful and bright, there are many other colors to choose from.

Reserve a Manicure Treatment now and receive a complimentary

Spa Ritual’s Nail Polish!



Mention this February special in your

reservation note!


Detoxification Has Never Been Easier!


You’re a pretty big deal, especially when your body is healthy and active. The toxins surrounding you every day don't care. They constantly attack your efforts to have beautiful skin, natural energy, a slimmer figure and - most importantly - confidence. Simply put, in just seven days, M'lis' Total Body Cleanse pushes these toxins out so you can continue being the big deal we know you are!


Easy to use, there is a total-body cleansing support in every packet. The all-natural cleansing and detox herbs safely fat-track your cleanse while the Psyllium Husk and Konjac Root Fiber does a clean sweep of your digestive system. Soon, the toxins that weigh you down will be long gone!


Essential Greens spend days on end soaking up good vibes from the sun and sipping on pH-balancing nutrients. Sourced responsibly from all around the world, this splash of greens gathers up body-cleansing Chlorophyll, and other
health-loving gifts, that will last you a lifetime…literally!

Price: $70

Before this mind-calming practice had entered into a wider public consciousness, there have been people who have been practicing meditation for thousands of years.

“Breathing in, I calm my body. Breathing out, I smile. Dwelling in the present moment, I know this is a wonderful moment.” - Thich Nhat Hanh, Zen Buddhist monk


Many people engage in the ancient practice of meditation to ease stress and alleviate health problems relating to stress. Mindfulness meditation has become more popular in recent years, due to its ability to help ease psychological stresses such as anxiety, depression and emotional pain.

Meditation involves sitting in a comfortable position and focusing on your breathing while directing your mind’s attention to the present moment you’re currently in without allowing your mind to drift into thinking about problems or other concerns of the past or the future.


As an alternative form of therapy, more members of the medical community as well as individual practitioners are recognizing meditation’s effectiveness in supporting mental well-being and maintaining physical health.

A mindfulness-based stress reduction program can help to reduce (or eliminate) specific symptoms of those who experience excessive worrying, insomnia, mood swings and certain forms of anxiety.


People who commit to this type of program are taught meditation skills along with general stress management techniques. Some people may find that practicing meditation within a group setting initially can be an effective way for them to learn how to continue the meditative process at home on their own.

Everyone suffers from stress at certain times in their lives; the key is to recognize it for what it is, to manage it and not allow it to escalate to the point that it begins to affect your health and overall well-being. Mindfulness Meditation is a healthy and beneficial way to achieve this as it can aid in maintaining a proper balance between your mind and body while allowing you to experience a type of inner peace during stressful moments.


Surprise your beloved with this elegant and delicious meal this

Valentine’s Day. It’s the perfect romantic dinner for two! Fondue is a

popular appetizer. Add vegetables to it and you’re good to go! 


See you soon at Spa Remedease!

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