January 2018

10 Healthy Habits For January

Is living a healthier lifestyle your top New Year’s Resolution? Many people have dedicated this New Year to eating right and exercising regularly to keep their bodies and minds in tip-top condition.

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December 2017

Great Spa Gift Ideas

We all have special people in our lives who would love to have a day of relaxation at the spa. But very often, life gets busy and many people think they don’t have the time to indulge in luxurious and relaxing spa treatments.

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November 2017

Glow, Glow, Glow!

Without regular attention, dry skin can lead to cracking and bleeding. Taking hot baths/showers and using harsh cleansers exacerbate dry skin.

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October 2017

Making Health A Priority

October is Women’s Health Month, and we’re reminded to put ourselves first and make time for our physical and mental health. If you make your health a priority, it’ll help you stay in good physical shape and will keep sicknesses and diseases at bay.

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September 2017

Time For A Facial!

For many spa goers, facial treatments are the ultimate in relaxation with the added benefit of glowing skin. After receiving a facial, your skin will feel healthy and clean and you will radiate confidence!

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August 2017

Day Spa = Happiness

What makes you happy – I mean really happy? National Smile Week is in Week 2, after National Girlfriends Day (Aug. 1st) and Friendship Day
(Aug. 6th) on the calendar.

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